Strange But True: Thanks to Shrek, Kids Are Begging to Eat Onions


File this one in the Strange but True folder: Kids are begging to eat more onions…because of Shrek. That’s right, the ugly green ogre who, on the surface, has nothing to do with the stinky root vegetable, is changing kids’ diets. That’s because Vidalia onions, the sweet variety grown in Georgia, are now being sold in bags splashed with Shrek’s picture. What’s the connection, and what are kids saying about it (really, we here at Famecrawler couldn’t be more surprised!)?

According to today’s Wall Street Journal, The onion-selling campaign, with the logo “Shrek Forever After, Vidalias Forever Sweet,” was conceived when an Atlanta food marketer was brainstorming with college students. One of those students remembered a scene in the first Shrek in which the title monster tells Donkey, “there’s a lot more to ogres than people think.” Yup, he explains, Ogres are like onions in that “we both have layers.”

The onion campaign was launched in conjunction with the opening of Shrek 4, Shrek Forever After this summer, and kids are eating it up.  At one Georgia Thriftway, the Wall Street Journal spotted a screaming three-year-old. “Mama, there’s Shrek,” he shouted, and he didn’t stop until his mother added a bag, complete with Shrek’s picture on it, to her shopping cart.

As for Vidalias’ sales, demand is up more than 30 percent.