Sienna Miller Wants To Have Kids


jude_law_sienna_miller-pregnant-baby-bump-wants-kidsSienna Miller is known the world over as a marriage wrecker. She’s known for separating husbands from wives and daddys from their kids.

Now, though, she wants to have a family of her own.

She said: “I love cooking. I’ve got a cottage in the garden so I’ve become green-fingered and I want my place to be kind of self-sufficient. I love the balance of that in the life we lead because it can get a little crazy.”

“(I’ll) probably be a mum, I’d love to have kids.”

She has her life neatly tied up with a bow. Even though she hasn’t confirmed her reconciliation with Jude Law she’s hinted at the relationship and taking the next step.

That’s awesome and all, but if they have kids Jude Law is going to be the next Octodad. He has 3 kids with his ex-wife Sadie, 1 with his one night stand Samantha Burke and who knows how many with Sienna Miller.


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