Silly Bandz Get Political: Massachusetts Candidate Charlie Baker Sports Them On The Campaign Trail (VIDEO)

silly bandz
Silly Bandz: The elephant would be appropriate for Charlie Baker

When I wear Silly Bandz to the grocery store or preschool pickup, I get a nod of understanding from the other parents. Massachusetts gubernatorial candidate Charlie Baker is the same way. He actually wore his on the campaign trail, some of them donated by his son, and at least one other from a 5-year-old girl he met while stumping. In fact, he even broke one of the Bandz while being interviewed!

I don’t live in Massachusetts, but I love a candidate who isn’t afraid to be different. What kind of Silly Bandz (or Silly Bands or Crazy Bands, if you’re going with the brand X) do you think Baker was wearing? Here’s some that would be appropriate, along with a link to the video:

* Elephant (but not donkey!)

* Massachusetts state outline

* G, O, P bands

* Pilgrim

* Baseball (but not Yankees logo!)

* Basketball (but not Lakers logo!)

* Football (but not Jets logo!)

* Hockey puck

And the video link.


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