Simon Cowell Today Show: Talks X Factor, American Idol (Video)

simon cowell today show x factor american idol
Simon Cowell on Today show

Watch Simon Cowell in this Today show video clip, where he talks about the American version of The X Factor.

On The X Factor, Simon explains, contestants can be 12, 20… and there is no upper age limit.

Matt Lauer brings up the age issue, asking if he’s worried that a 12 year old can handle the pressure of competing on a show like this.

Simon talks about Jackie Evancho from America’s Got Talent and Willow Smith, who is obviously handling new found fame with ease.

Cowell explains there’s a new wave of younger people “who come about it in a completely different way,” but he says, “I’m going to take it case by case.”

And how about judges for The X Factor? Cowell says he doesn’t know yet, but is waiting on someone but can’t say! The guy judge can’t be as good looking as him though!

Simon Cowell says he’s not watching American Idol, but watched some clips and says “they look good.” He says the judges are “doing fine,” but thinks the show needed to reinvent itself.

As for some royal wedding scoop, Cowell has none… he doesn’t think he will be invited to the wedding!