Sinead O'Connor Takes Parenting Seriously


sinead-oconnor-parentingSinead O’Connor is as good of parent as she is a singer. That’s right, she moved on, had kids and is still making music.

Her oldest son Jake was a fan of Eminem and started cursing just like the rapper. The profanity was just a little too much for her to take so she threw it away.
She didn’t just throw it away. She said, “My son had what I call his Eminem Summer and, suddenly, for about three weeks, he became very rude. He was soaking up all those lyrics. So I chucked the record off the balcony.”

I remember when my parents made me go through my tapes and take out the risque’ songs and throw them away. I also had to pull the tape out and break it in several places. It was a sad, sad day.

Good on ya,  Sinead. Way to be a parent.

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