Sing It For the World: Twitter Goes Wild for Glee's Chemical Romance


glee-sing it for the world

Sing It For The World and Justin Bieber were featured on Glee tonight!

The Glee kids rocked out to ‘Sing’ by My Chemical Romance, and Glee’s got Bieber fever because tonight’s episode, “Comeback” features Chord Overstreet singing Justin Bieber!

But the biggest news of the day related to Glee was a Twitter message between Justin Bieber and Chord Overstreet. Overstreet, Glee’s blond hunk with the voice of an angel, does a Bieber song on tonight’s episode. The actor tweeted about his Bieber numbers on Glee and the teen superstar responded:

“we just gotta work on those moves @chordoverstreet . yeah i heard about u guys doing the songs on #GLEE 2nite. Im honored. KILL IT,” Tweeted Bieber.

Having Justin Bieber tweet about your show is a huge bonus for the already popular Glee series!  Biebs brings to the table more than 7.3 million Twitter followers, who spread his Tweets everywhere after they’re posted.  So it will be interesting to check out the ratings of tonight’s show!

Is it me or is Justin Bieber everywhere this week?  Ponder and discuss.