Single Mom Socialite Bryce Gruber Gets Some Lessons in Love from Patti Stanger


bryce gruberSocialite Bryce Gruber is not happy with her portrayal on the season premiere of Millionaire Matchmaker.   The heiress and founder of The Luxury Spot, an online magazine for women, is looking for love with the help of matchmaker Patti Stanger, but doesn’t really like how she came across as a complete snob on the show.    Of course it may be her list of “must-haves” and “must-nots” that may be portraying the Dannon Yogurt heiress in a poor light. 

On the must-not list:  Anyone who wears Ed Hardy, anyone who goes to a tanning booth, and anyone from Staten Island need not apply.

On the must-have list:   A taller, Jewish version of George Clooney. 

Did Bryce Gruber find love on the Millionaire Matchmaker?

Oh yeah and she’s celibate.  The 26-year-old, who was reportedly offered one of the original spots on The Real Housewives of New York, has a son, Benjamin Gruber-Kohana, 21 months, from a previous relationship and she has no interest in any hookups without a commitment.

Gruber tweeted after seeing the episode, “haha i saw the episode tonight. they make me look like a total snob.”  She wants us to know that she’s not really a snob, it’s just all in the editing of the Bravo series adding, “saw the dvd, they made me look like a TOTAL snob. they mishmashed scenes. oh well”. 

For her part, Patti offered her advice to Gruber…. look for a guy who is comfortable with kids, lighten up in general, and stop looking for Mr. Perfect.  In the end, Gruber couldn’t even pick her own men to date from the offered dating pool and Patti threatened to show her the door.  The final date with Keith was deemed a mis-match by Bryce and she’s on the New York dating market.

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