Sister Wives Announce Baby News to the Family (Video)

Sister Wives season premiere Robyn pregnant Kody Brown
One of the Sister Wives is pregnant!

While the world already knew that Robyn from Sister Wives was pregnant, in the world of reality TV, the announcement wasn’t made until last night’s premiere.

On the Sister Wives season premiere, Kody Brown gathered his huge family in the kitchen to announce that Robyn is pregnant. Let’s just say reactions were mixed, with the teenagers being the least excited of the plural family.

In “real” reality, Robyn is due to have the baby very soon, as the Sister Wives family was on the Today show without Robyn because she’s so close to her due date.

When Robyn told the others about her pregnancy, she was worried about Meri because she can’t have more kids, but all worked out okay and Meri even said she feels bad that people think they have to be so worried about it.

Aspen, Hunter and Maddie were less than excited about the new baby news, but I imagine it’s hard initially every time a new wife or kid comes into the picture.

Sister wife Christine seemed the most happy about the news!

What do you think of the Sister Wives family growing? Anyone else wondering how they afford such a large family… or does their TLC salary pay the bills?