Sister Wives: Is Now REALLY a Good Time to Add Another Baby Into the Family?


Another baby for Sister Wives

Now most, when planning a family, try to find a good time that would be appropriate for the addition of a new baby.

They would want to make sure they had a home, all the other siblings were situated and they weren’t on the lam from the law. But not Kody Brown and his Sister Wives family.

Right after they had to escape from being arrested in Utah for being a polygamist family and moving to Nevada (where they won’t be busted for their plural marriage), the older kids showed their obvious disdain for being uprooted, and after they all squeezed into a vacation rental (all 21 of them), it was announced that Robyn is pregnant. Now? Really?But the Brown’s aren’t like most. They have a different calling. Being old school Mormon with polygamist leaning they believe that “Ambitious Mormon men must beget many children with as many wives as possible, for “their glory (in heaven) is in proportion to the number of their wives and children” (Snowden 141)” So it isn’t an issue of being practical but rather following their ‘calling.’

Do you think they should have waited just for the sake of the family as a whole?



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