Sister Wives Kody Brown Why is He Worth Sharing?


sister-wives-2Sister Wives Kody Brown is shared by four wives.  What makes Kody Brown special enough to share with other wives?  I don’t get it.  What am I missing?  Kody Brown is kind of scruffy, not that good looking and doesn’t appear to have an especially engaging personality!

Maybe I would understand the whole SHARING thing if it were, say ROBERT PATTINSON but Kody Brown?

The whole polygamy thing seems like it’s a bad deal for the wives but a good deal for the husbands.  Please enlighten me as I’m not trying to judge. 

Here is a rundown of the Brown family, pay close attention because there are four wives with 16 children.

MEET KODY BROWN: Kody: 40-years old, father of 16 children, husband to four women married Meri in April 1990, Janelle in January 1993, Christine in March 1994, and Robyn in May 2010.

MEET THE SISTER WIVES: • Meri (first wife): 40-years old, married 20-years and has one daughter named Mariah 15. • Janelle (second wife): 41-years old, married 18-years and has six children Logan, 16; Madison 15; Hunter, 14; Garrison, 12; Gabriel, 9 and Savanah, 6. • Christine (third wife): 38-years old, married 16-years and has six children— Aspyn, 15; Mykelti, 14; Paedon, 12; Gwendlyn, 9; Ysabel, 8 and Truely, 10-months. • Robyn (fourth wife): 32-years old, married almost a year and has three children from her last marriage Dayton, 11; Aurora, 8 and Breanna, 6.

Tell me why Kody Brown is worth sharing!  Talk to me and be sure to watch Sister Wives tonight on TLC at 9 PM ET/PT.