Sister Wives Kody Brown's Job: How Did He Manage To Afford A Lexus?

sister wives kody brown job advertising executive sales
How Does Sister Wives Kody Brown Afford A Lexus With His Job?

Sister Wives Kody Brown has a job as an advertising sales rep…not exactly an executive title. With a family of 4 wives and 15 children, it’s a wonder how he even manages to support them on his salary, let alone afford any luxuries in life.

Kody must have a way with money, because he drives around town in a Lexus!  It’s estimated that someone with an advertising sales rep job makes somewhere between $32,000 and $70,000 per year, depending on commissions from sales, etc.

Most people can’t afford a Lexus on a salary larger than that, so just how is Sister Wives Kody Brown managing to pay for it with his job?

When asked about his financial situation on Oprah, Kody said, “We all work.” One of his wives, Meri added, “We just learn how to stretch our dollars like any other family.”

Maybe Kody Brown should think about giving up his ad job and reality show and start a business teaching people how to stretch their money as far as possible!