'Sister Wives': Meet the Browns, TLC's Polygamist Family


sister-wives-returnsSister Wives, the reality series about a real-life polygamist family, picks back up tonight on TLC for season two!  Sister Wives stars Kody Brown and his four wives—Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn—along with their 16 children.

Sister Wives season two follows the Browns’ bold decision to go public as polygamists on national television and the consequences of going public about their family.  Meet the Brown family, and you might want to get a pen and paper because it’s hard to follow!

MEET KODY BROWN: Kody: 40-years old, father of 16 children, husband to four women married Meri in April 1990, Janelle in January 1993, Christine in March 1994, and Robyn in May 2010.

MEET THE SISTER WIVES: • Meri (first wife): 40-years old, married 20-years and has one daughter named Mariah 15. • Janelle (second wife): 41-years old, married 18-years and has six children Logan, 16; Madison 15; Hunter, 14; Garrison, 12; Gabriel, 9 and Savanah, 6. • Christine (third wife): 38-years old, married 16-years and has six children— Aspyn, 15; Mykelti, 14; Paedon, 12; Gwendlyn, 9; Ysabel, 8 and Truely, 10-months. • Robyn (fourth wife): 32-years old, married almost a year and has three children from her last marriage Dayton, 11; Aurora, 8 and Breanna, 6.

OMG. Watch Sister Wives tonight on TLC at 9 PM ET/PT.