Sister Wives Move to Las Vegas to Protect Family (Video)

Sister Wives moving episode video las vegas
Why did the Sister Wives move to Las Vegas?

The Sister Wives are on the move to Las Vegas, uprooting their family from Utah to Nevada to protect the kids.

In the video clip, Kody Brown talks about the decision to move the sister wives and kids to Las Vegas, a decision that wasn’t made lightly.

It was initially hard to get the family’s buy-in, with Kody noting that the kids leaving friends behind caused him to have second thoughts, but wife Janelle urged him to make the move.

What changed their minds to make the move to Vegas? “Opportunity,” Brown shares, noting, “We’re not worried about people’s opinion about us anymore or worried about the danger of having the family split up.”

Do you think the Sister Wives Brown family made the right choice to move their family?

See how their new neighbors react to having the Brown family on their block.

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