Sister Wives News: Why Is The Family Moving To Nevada?

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Sister Wives news: Why is the family moving to Nevada?

Is “Big Love” not to be believed? Is Utah not the most bigamy-friendly of states? Apparently a bigamy investigation into the family of Kody Brown, aka the very busy husband on TLC’s hit show “Sister Wives,” prompted Brown to up and move his four wives and 16 kids to Nevada. Why did the “Sister Wives” family move to Nevada?

Brown’s lawyer would only say the family wanted to explore new opportunities, presumably opportunities like not being arrested for bigamy, which is a third-degree felony in Utah. Brown is only legally married to one of the wives,  but cohabitation with additional wives in common-law marriage style is also prohibited.

A word of advice to Kody Brown: If in the future you do not want to be busted for bigamy, don’t make a reality TV show about your four wives. This has a way of tipping off investigators.


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