Sister Wives Robyn Pregnant: Why Did Kody Brown and Robyn Delay Pregnancy? (Video)

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Sister Wives' Robyn pregnant, Kody Brown explains delay

In tonight’s Sister Wives episode, Kody Brown and his new wife, Robyn, talk about getting pregnant – and their decision to delay the pregnancy (video).

Cody seemed eager to get Robyn pregnant shortly after they were married, but they both decided to wait because they had gone public about their polygamist family and were under investigation in Utah.

It seems that the Sister Wives Brown family’s move to Las Vegas changed their state of mind when it came to making babies.

In the Sister Wives episode airing Sunday, June 5, Cody and Robyn explain that “We weren’t ready in Utah,” adding, “Now that we’re in Vegas, our world is different. We feel relaxed.”

And now, of course, Robyn is pregnant with another Sister Wives baby. Do you think Kody Brown is a good dad?