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Sister Wives Robyn Pregnant: Why Did Kody Brown and Robyn Delay Pregnancy? (Video)

By WendyM |

sister wives tlc robyn pregnant kody brown

Sister Wives' Robyn pregnant, Kody Brown explains delay

In tonight’s Sister Wives episode, Kody Brown and his new wife, Robyn, talk about getting pregnant – and their decision to delay the pregnancy (video).

Cody seemed eager to get Robyn pregnant shortly after they were married, but they both decided to wait because they had gone public about their polygamist family and were under investigation in Utah.

It seems that the Sister Wives Brown family’s move to Las Vegas changed their state of mind when it came to making babies.

In the Sister Wives episode airing Sunday, June 5, Cody and Robyn explain that “We weren’t ready in Utah,” adding, “Now that we’re in Vegas, our world is different. We feel relaxed.”

And now, of course, Robyn is pregnant with another Sister Wives baby. Do you think Kody Brown is a good dad?

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13 thoughts on “Sister Wives Robyn Pregnant: Why Did Kody Brown and Robyn Delay Pregnancy? (Video)

  1. Maria says:

    I don’t think the question here should be is Kody a bad dad? I think the question should be are their choices/ lifestyle realistically healthy for 16+ children in today’s society. A parent’s job isn’t about just having and enjoying their children, its about raising them by example to be healthy, mature adults who contribute positively to our society. While for the five adults in this situation may feel this lifestyle is acceptable for themselves, their children will pay a much stiffer price if they choose to carry on this lifestyle when they become adults. If all of the Brown family adults received therapy, I think this family would fall apart because in our core as humans, we need the security and faithfulness of our spouse and as parents, we need to demonstrate that to our children.

  2. Robyn says:

    who determines to be the judge of what is socially “healthy, mature adults who contributes positively to our society”? Is it someone in a same sex partnership, or devorced, or perhaps someone who;s never been married and has children from multiple partners? Or perhaps someone in the religious coomunity, but then which one of our numerous religions (most of which are based on man made oppinions)? Our society is made up of so many different life styles and in my almost 60 years of life I’ve yet to find any one to be perfect or qualified to judge anyone else. I guess my point is that there are no perfect life styles or guarenties that any one parenting style is better than another. I personally tip my hat off to this family for sharing with us yet another life style and though I don;t think it would work for me, it certainly works in many other counties so why not here?

  3. twania says:

    Has anyone noticed how Robyn always gets with Kody and makes a decision against the other wives? She’s a wolf in sheeps clothing. The other wives seems to work together, but she ALWAYS gets with Kody to plot against and make decisions that usually go against what the other wives want, but she tries to make herself seem as though she loves the others. When the problems begin, you can bet that Robyn is going to be behind the break-up. I don’t condone what they do,but ultimately they will have to answer to GOD for it when the time comes. I do however think that things seemed better before Robyn. She is surely going to be their downfall. Meri, I feel sorry for. She is the only LEGAL wife, yet Kody treats her the worst I think. Christine appears to be the most jealous of the group, yet she doesn’t work, makes baby after baby after baby. Janelle and Meri seem the most level headed of the four. I feel sorry for all of the kids. If Kody was real, he wouldn’t flaunt his blatant disregard for the law, and then say he’s running to keep his family together. He put himself out there. Show your kids how to be a real man and take your punishment “like a man” and show your children how to suffer the consequences.

  4. Joyce Topping says:

    I love the family and would be happy to have them living near mine so that I could be good friends with them. I don’t think they are doing anything wrong or hurting anyone, and they can lead whatever lifestyle they want. Their kids are brought up in a loving home with loving moms and a wonderful dad. I have defended this family to everyone who has a bad thing to say about them, and I don’t care what anyone thinks of me. I married to one guy and we have 4 kids, but I wouldn’t have any problems being in a multiple wife family at all if that were our beliefs for us. With all of the real crime happening in America today, why would anyone go after a loving family like the Browns? How stupid with all of the violence and abuse that is out there already, to pick on this family. I hope that one day I get to meet the Brown family in person. I just think they are all great people!

  5. Jeri says:

    I really dont think they are hurting anybody. What I see just from the TV show, he seems to be a caring father and husband. The kids seem to be great kids and so totally loved by everyone in the family. Even though this lifestyle is not for me, who am I to judge others.

  6. Patricia Harley says:

    I find their lifestyle fascinating. I have no trouble with other people’s lifestyles. I have been to S & M parties. Wife swapping parties. Out of respect to my straight conservative lifestyle no one has recruited me inti theirs. They have asked me if I wanted to try somethings and I did. Glad i did found some things in S & m that I brought home and talked to hubby about trying. We both enjoy it. Just littlte things like ass slapping while making love and use of a flogger. Hubby has no desire to go to any of these things, but we talk about it when I get home. Couldn’t do wife swapping that felt more like cheating. Sister wives don’t make it sound like cheating and I like the idea of having built in girlfriends, One thing I am curious about though is, if it is your turn can you skip it? Right now I am going through a lot had colon cancer had surgery then chemo ans radiation therapy. Ended up with a colostomy now it is n ileostomy. So my self image is low. Haven’t really been interested in making love for 2 years. I have been canvcer free for 1 1/2 years now. I would feel better if I knew my man were being taken care of by sister wives who loved both of us, Would love for Cody or one of the sister wives to answer this.

    i did. G

  7. Becky says:

    After watching Sunday’s show I found a few points to ponder. Where are earth do they get the capital to rent 4 houses on the scale that they did? Has Kody even a prospect for employment? I realize they are paid for the show but geez people you are talking about some big cash layout for everyday expenses alone. I found it amazing that Kody acted offended that a couple of the wives said they enjoy having their own place. I totally agree that Robyn is a snake. He pays a more warm and loving attitude towards her than the others. He can’t keep his hands off of her. I feel that the women are good mothers but as far as Daddy he gives them a good pat on the head and keeps on going. I really feel sorry for the older kids being ripped from their schools and friends.

  8. Melinda Harless says:

    Interesting that a country that was formed on the bases of being able to live your life the way you want and practice religion as you believe, judges someone for their religious beliefs. As for all the children…….they have all their children living as a family. My grandson has about 9 syblings and only one lives with him. the father has the other children by multiple women and he is 26. these kids do not know each other. THAT is wrong. Today the average family is not mommy daddy and 2.5 kids ( I do not know what a .5 child is) but, a combination of mixed families, married, unmarried, and same sex, How is having more than 1 wife any different than a man who sleeps with a variety of women and fathering children with them? A piece of paper makes it a “legal: marriage. So …there fore that means if he is sleeping with other women it is against the law , correct? Funny, Ohio is a no fault divorce state….and that means no law was broken in this marriage if adultry has been commited. Other than a certificate that says your married; you can sleep with anyone and everyone and it not be held against you. I am not the kind of person who could share my husband…but unknowingly I did. Believe me that is more harmful to a family unit than a man living openly with women they are in a relationship with and children that are being raise as a family. If they marry as adults, and the children are thriving, live and let live. It is why all my ancesters imigrated to america from counties where religious freedom and politics were not allowed. As with any population you are going to find good people and bad people…it makes me sad for those that are of good heart paying for the deeds of those that are bad and society only SEES the bad. Watch the movie Child Bride of Short Creek….It shows that life style in a not so good light…The Browns show a different side of the same belief. No person knows what God will judge you on….we all have our sins….I can honestly say judging someone for their religious belief is not one of mine.

  9. val snyder says:

    so what happens if one or two of the wives decide they see someone else they want to share there life with? he gets his good time, REMEMBER he is only legaly MARRIED to1 of the wives, what happens to the show if she wants a divorce cause she wants 1 man and not have to share him?

  10. Abby says:

    Live and Let Live. They are not doing anything worng and seem like genuinely good people. I think everyone should just worry about themselves and not others and the world would be such a better place :)

  11. Kay says:

    I used to live near Bountiful which is a polygamous community in Canada. My only objection is that the kids are raised without being aware of their options. I don’t like the idea of girls being married off at 16 to some old guy they don’t know, often sent to another polygamous community in the US. That’s just wrong.

    It is also wrong that the boys are often chased out of the community while the girls are left for the old men.

    The sister wives seem to be in an entirely different situation. It appears their kids are not isolated so they will know their options and can make choices. Therefore, it’s their business how they want to live, imo.

    I agree with all those who say that in a time when just about anything is legal why would we object to multiple wives, if that’s what the people involved want and nobody is being coerced?

  12. Paula says:

    These are grown adults living how they CHOOSE. None of these women are being held against their will. This is a much better situation than a man sleeping around and having children with different women and then not being there to support them. It is absolutely wrong for them to be prosecuted in any way. That is absolutely ridiculous and a waste of time and money. Shame on the state, and prosecutors for even thinking about doing this.

  13. SUZANNE BLACK says:

    One man should NEVER father almost 20 children, no matter how wealthy or caring they may be. Most of the problems on earth can be traced to over population and the negative impact of esclating numbers on our planet. His brand of religion sounds like something MEN made up in order to have unlimited sexual access to a variety of women. Interesting that Robin is younger and slimmer than the other three.

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