Sister Wives Rush to Flee Utah: The Real Reason They Are Moving to Nevada

Sister Wives

Moving can be an emotional, turbulent and tedious process for any family. But when a family consists of one husband, four wives and sixteen kids? And add in that you are trying to move out in a hurry before being arrested by the cops. Well that you take that emotional, turbulent and tedious process and multiply it by, like, a hundred.  And while this scenario is a rarity, it happened to the family that stars on the reality TV show Sister Wives.

Kody Brown and his family have packed up and are rushing to flee their home state of Utah and will settle down in Nevada. Why?

The family is under investigation by the Utah police for issues of bigamy, where it is considered illegal. Instead they are moving to Nevada where “cohabitation between a man and his unlicensed ‘wives” is not a crime.”

One wonders what kind of effect this will have on the children. Not only has their family become suddenly famous, but now they have to leave their friends and Utah life behind and star anew in Nevada. It must have take a emotional toll on these kids to have to flee from their states laws. Hopefully most of the sixteen kids will have a smooth transition. Regardless of what happens, they are all family.

Radaronline has a sneak peek of the epsiode where the move takes place. You can see it right here.