Six Things About Terry Kennedy, Including His Attempt To Reconnect With His Long-Lost Dad

terry kennedy
Terry Kennedy has a new show on BET

On the premiere of “Being Terry Kennedy” last night on BET, viewers were introduced to Kennedy, a prominent skateboarder who’s trying to leverage his success in one field into success in many others, a mogul in the making. But behind that success is a sad story: Kennedy’s father abandoned him when he was only 5, and after his mother passed away, the now-25-year-old was left essentially an orphan.

Here are six things about Kennedy, including what he’s doing to reunite with his father:

1. He is also a rapper and a shoe designer.

2. He supports most of his extended family, many of who live with him in the Valley.

3. Five years ago, he was shot twice as he left a party. He made a full recovery and wants to inspire other African-American kids to persevere like he did to get off the streets.

4. He wears his socks inside out.

5. He played basketball and football in high school.

6. He is trying to reconnect with his dad after two decades. A fan on Kennedy’s MySpace page encouraged the reconciliation, reminding Kennedy not to “harden your heart” despite his dad’s absence.


Photo: BET

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