SJP: Back To Work After Twins


sjp-on-setThis morning, photographers snapped the first pics of SJP back on the set after her (surrogate) pregnancy. I guess that mean that Matthew Broderick is at home watching the twins?

I guess one of the biggest perks of hiring a surrogate for SJP was the bonus of having twins and not having to push back the shooting schedule for Sex and the City 2 at all.

Forget all that shedding baby-weight and getting back in shape to play Carrie Bradshaw again. Sarah’s twins are only 2-months-old and she’s back on the set and ready to roll camera. According to what one onlooker told Us:

“She comes out as Carrie Bradshaw, puts on her sunglasses, looks around and starts walking… She looks pretty happy to be back at work.”

Hey, some people just like to work. Maybe SJP’s one of them. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t regret not spending every last minute with her twins, but hey, there can be such thing as too much of a good thing.

In a case of art imitating life, there’s speculation that Parker’s character in the movie will decide to have babies. Will she hire a surrogate as well?