SJP Goes Back To The 80's


sarah-jessica-parker-sex-city2Judging by the photos coming back from the set of SATC 2, it looks like there’s going to be some kind of 80’s flashback action. So, just how well does a post-motherhood Sarah Jessica Parker pull off her 1980’s self? Why not do a side-by-side comparison with her look in one of my favorite Disney movies from 1986, Flight of the Navigator (video below).

Last week marked SJP’s first time to return to the set since the birth of her new twin daughters Tabitha and Marion. Of course, she didn’t have to lose any baby weight for Sex and The City 2 since her girls were born to a surrogate.

Ironically, it’s rumored that her character Carrie Bradshaw will actually get pregnant in the movie.

I don’t know why, but it seems like far too few kids these days are growing up with Flight of the Navigator. Having not watched it since age 11, I can’t vouch for it as an adult — but as a kid I loved me some FOTN.

What do you think? I say time and motherhood (and the makeup artist)  has been kind to SJP. Compared to onscreen, self 23 years ago, she still looks pretty good.