SJP Is Not A Fan Of Excessive Christmas Decoration


sarah-jessica-parker-wilkie-aero-300x214Everybody’s got their own limits when it comes how much holiday spirit is too much. For Sarah Jessica Parker, it’s simple: She wants a nice green Christmas tree, just hold the ornaments… and the tinsel… and the star. That’s right, SJP and her family will be sipping eggnog around a completely bare tree this year.

How weird, right? SJP is going to drive to the Christmas tree farm (or parking lot), tie it to the top of the car, set it up in her living room and then… just stop there?

Check out SJP’s explanation in Us:

“When I grew up, we had a ‘naked tree’ on Christmas, meaning it was unadorned. On Christmas Eve, those of us who still believed in Santa Claus — and some of us who still do — would go to bed and when we woke up in the morning the tree was decorated. We were told Santa wrapped our presents and decorated our tree in his spare time and we believed it.”

OK, I’ll admit it — that’s kind of a cool tradition. Except for one part: you have a bare, Charlie Brown-esque tree in your living room for most of the holidays.

Why decorate the tree at the tail end of Christmas tree season? It seems like kind of a waste to spend all time decorating the tree, only to take it down a few days later.

Plus doesn’t SJP wanna take pictures of James hanging ornaments?