SJP Moves Out, Gets Her Own Apartment?


Only a month after taking home their new twin girls, rumor has it that SJP and Matthew Broderick have decided to take a little time apart.

According to an anonymous (aren’t they always anonymous?) source:

“It would be a surprising decision to make so soon after the arrival of their twins. Having the babies born healthy and happy was a dream come true, so it’s strange that they might have to spend some time apart at this stage.

“No one can quite believe it, but it’s clear they’re making the right decision for all the right reasons.”

To be sure, this is hardly the first time that we’ve heard the breakup rumors about Matthew and SJP, and I’m having a tough time choking this one down.

Even the quote seems a little fishy. Living apart is the right decision for all the right reasons? What is that?

According to the rumor, SJP has already bought a new 9-bedroom house in Brooklyn and she’s getting ready to make the move — which is strange because she and Matthew just moved in May. Also, they were seen last night together at an AIDS fundraiser hosted by Calvin Klein.

Last time I read an article that the couple had filed for divorce, the next day they announced they were having twins. Go figure.