SJP Surrogate Cops Got Too Greedy?



It’s always disturbing to find out that police chiefs are abusing their powers just to get a celebrity gossip scoop, but at least someone was honest enough to blow the whistle. Right? According to the latest reports, these corrupt cop could have got away with it, if they hadn’t been such greedy little pigs.

If you haven’t heard the alleged story, two Ohio police chiefs Barry Carpenter and Chad Dojak allegedly broke into the home of Michelle Ross, the surrogate mother carrying SJP and Matthew Broderick’s twins. Their goal: to take photos, steal voicemails from SJP, and pretty much grab anything that they could sell to the tabloids.

According to TMZ, the cops had allegedly agreed to pull off the heist for $15,000, but at the last minute they called back and demanded $30,000. That’s when the tabloid decided to burn the cops… potentially saving them from getting into a bidding war with competing magazines.

In other words, the tabloid was okay with participating in a $15,000 police corrupion caper, but not a $30,000 one. That would just be flat out immoral.

Initially, reports leaking out of the investigation named the National Enquirer, but the latest reports aren’t naming any names. It could have been any other tabloid at this point.