SJP Surrogate Has Plumbing Issues



Yesterday, SJP’s surrogate’s water broke. Today her three water mains in her town burst. Now, the hospital (and pretty much the whole town) where surrogate Michelle Ross is holed up doesn’t have clean running water!

Residents in Martins Ferry, Ohio — the town in which Michelle lives — are now being asked to boil their drinking water. That goes for the hospital too.

Being a small town, the maintenance crews are having to work overtime to fix the problem, and the icky water situation will likely last for three days! That’s got to make it pretty tough to run a hospital.

I’m guessing that Matthew and SJP have been to Martins Ferry at least once to visit their new daughters. I wonder what they thought about the ongoing water incident?

Maybe they were wishing that they had flown Michelle to NYC for her delivery, if for no other reason but an easier commute.