Skeevy Scalpers Attempt to Cash in on Jackson Funeral Tickets



Are you hurting inside because your lottery number didn’t get drawn for tickets to MJ’s public memorial? This will probably make you feel better/worse: a bunch of scalpers got your tickets and are trying to sell them for mega-bank, but eBay is shutting them down.

Looks like $10,000 could get you 2 tix to the King of Pop’s memorial service tomorrow at Staples Center in LA.


The way I see it, you could look at this one of two ways: a.) you could be happy that it only costs $5k to get into one of the hottest funerals in this century so far. Or, b.) you could be super outraged at the sleaziness.

I tend to gravitate toward option “b,” and eBay seems to agree. They’re taking down all auctions to sell MJ funeral tickets almost as soon as they are posted, but they keep cropping up.

Would you by MJ memorial tickets from a scalper? Are these scalpers insulting MJ’s memory?

I wonder what would Michael’s family and kids think about this?