Explore Is MTV's New Teen Drama Skins Appropriate For Kids? Watch The Preview

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Did you catch the preview of “Skins” last night during the MTV “Jersey Shore” finale or did you find it on Let’s just hope you didn’t have your kids in the room, because although this new show is billed as a drama about teens, it is soooo not appropriate for kids! In the 90-second trailer, we see a naked girl, a naked guy, a drug overdose, a guy dealing drugs, multiple discussions of sex and some extremely suggestive trampoline jumping.

Throw in a little violence, and the Parents Television Council might just blow its entire coming year budget on protesting this show.

“Skins” is based on a British teen-focused drama of the same name, and it will debut in January 2011. It’s a little too racy for Famecrawler, but the link to the preview is here. Check it out and share your thoughts will you be watching? Do you think tweens and teens will want to watch it? Is that appropriate?