Sky Nellor: Trying to Find Love, Marriage & Babies On Millionaire Matchmaker


When a successful lady wants to meet Mr. Right she might reach out to friends, hit the social circuit or she might call Patti Stanger. That’s apparently what model and international Sky Nellor did when she wanted to meet a man to potentially marry and mate with.  So does she?

The “Millionaire-ess” let Bravo’s cameras follow her on her quest for a king. But this gal, she’s all about her career. She travels across the globe playing music at all hours of the night. Not the most conducive environment for having babies. And apparently meeting the man to procreate with is the even more of a challenge. She went on what seemed to be a fine date with “Kevin,” but whether he didn’t live up to her past famous paramours (like Jamie Foxx and Adrian Brody), or she just didn’t feel the chemistry, or perhaps she just isn’t and may never be, ready to settle down.

Kids? Yeah, they won’t be in Sky Nellor’s future anytime soon. Ibiza, Miami and hot new island of the year….yes.

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