Skyline Movie Review: Introducing a New Breed of Aliens, Just Leave the Kids at Home


skyline movieOnce upon a time not very long ago all it took to make a successful alien movie was by a friendly little alien riding a bicycle.  These days movie goers require super special effects, scary music, and a storyline designed to terrify them.  The aliens in Skyline fit the new breed of movie alien perfectly!

Skyline is a big budget alien thriller which hits theaters today in which a group of aliens hit the earth.  As they make their introduction via a strange mystical light, everyone who looks at the light gets sucked into oblivion.  

The film which hits theaters today is is certainly intended for the grown-ups!

To sum up the story, Skyline features a group of friends who are distracted at the time that  the earth is invaded by the aliens in the dead of night. As the movie moves on, the population of the earth continues to diminish and the cast of characters fight for their very survival.  Skyline hits theaters today.

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