'Slumdog' Actor Gets Keys To New Home!



Some of you are probably thinking what I’m thinking: what the heck took so long?!! Well, despite the long wait, one of Slumdog Millionaire‘s real life ‘slumdogs’ finally got a home yesterday.

Azharuddin Mohammed Ismail (the kid who played young Salim) and his family got to take a tour of their 180 square-foot apartment yesterday. Yes, you read that right — a 180 sq-ft palace given to them by the Mumbai housing authority. Says Salim:

‘We can now sleep with a roof over our heads… No one is going to come and knock down our house any more and we can leave the smell behind.

‘It is so much larger than where we used to live in Bandra East and now I am very grateful to Mumbai for giving me this house.’

Word has it that Danny Boyle’s organization Jai Ho has already bought them a bigger flat (235 sq-ft) elsewhere, which I’m guessing Ismail’s family (parents, brother, and brother in-law) would own… Yeah, I don’t understand exactly what’s going on here either.

Hopefully, Azharuddin and his family don’t mind moving twice.