Smart Girls At the Party: Yet Another Reason to Love Amy Poehler


I have yet another reason to love Amy Poehler (as if I didn’t have too enough reasons already). Amy, who is currently knocked up with her second child, evidently really cares about the kids. And not just her own. This “actor, mother, dreamer, list maker, part time lipsyncher and full time goofball” and her two “best friends” Meredith Walker and Amy Miles make up  Smart Girls at the Party and…they celebrate girls who use those brains of theirs.

I’m embarrassed to say I missed the first season of this awesome web series, I guess I’m not that smart. I didn’t get the invite. But I crashed and had a fabulous time. Season 2 starts with Rachel: The Engineer. She’s a 12-year-old girl who builds robots in her spare time. In past episodes they’ve talked to Valentine the Gardner, Ann the Yogini and Ruby the Feminist. The show’s message? “Change the world by being yourself.” Glad to see Amy celebrating girlhood in such a positive and awesome way.  And it makes one wonder…is there a girl bun in her oven? Hopefully so, she’ll already have access to a slew of role models!

Check out the new episode here!

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