Smart Mama: Jessica Simpson Is Recycling Her Maternity Clothes (Photos)


She might be one of the richest women in the celebrity world, but it looks like she’s also one of the smartest when it comes to her wardrobe, too.

Jessica Simpson might have known that she would be getting pregnant again pretty quickly as she is recycling her old maternity clothes. The fashion maven wore the same leopard-print dress she had while she was pregnant with baby Maxwell to the Jay Leno Show on Tuesday.

In a celebrity world where many stars would never be caught wearing the same dress twice, it looks like Jessica plays by her own fashion rules and that’s why we love her so much! Take a look at our photo gallery below and let us know what you think!

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    Jessica Simpson
    Pregnant Jessica Simpson is spotted leaving her hotel in New York with her sister Ashlee and carrying her nephew Bronx Wentz in 2011.
  • Maternity Clothes 2 of 5
    Maternity Clothes
    It's so great to see Jessica recycling her old clothes, right? She's just like us!
  • Cute! 3 of 5
    Plus, the dress is so cute, I would actually wear it, too (and I'm not even pregnant!).
  • Gorgeous 4 of 5
    Pregnant or not, Jessica is always drop-dead gorgeous, isn't she?
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    Tell Us Your Thoughts
    Did you recycle your pregnancy clothes, too?

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