Smoking Toddler Cuts Back On His Cigarette Habit


By now you have probably seen photos or watched the video (located below) of two-year old Indonesian chain smoker Ardi Rizal puffing away. At first in my naivete, I thought it was all a viral campaign for some horrible Hollywood movie that would feature a Bond-like baby who debonairly inhales while fighting crime and wooing the ladies. I was wrong. This was very much real.

Indonesia, it should be said, puts Marlboro country to shame as the fifth largest tobacco market in the world. Puff puffing is part of the culture, but no excuse for his father Mohammad giving him a smoke at just 18-months-old.

The father seemed to just not know any better though. According to dad, he looked fine!  “He looks pretty healthy to me. I don’t see the problem.”

Well, Indonesian officials were more appalled by the toddlers habit, or at least the attention his habit was garnering from the international community, and offered his folks a new car if he quits completely.

So how is it going?

Ardi has cut back to just 15 a day! Congrats to him!

Was it the patch, the gum, chantix, acupuncture, hypnotism, (can you tell I’ve been through quitting before), or even cinnamon flavored toothpicks? Nope. The child has lessened his intake through “therapy focused on playing”, a child welfare official tells the UK Sun. 

Thank goodness! With this level of success, he’ll hopefully be a former nicotine addict soon.