Behind the Scenes: The Smurf Movie


When I heard that The Smurfs was filming not far from my NYC apartment, I was taken aback. I fancy myself something of a Smurf expert, and in my experience, Smurfs are animated. Despite many attempts by myself and others, actual non-animated Smurfs have never been spotted, in NYC or elsewhere. Nor have Smurf droppings been spotted, or even Smurf tracks. 

So I did some smurfing— I mean sleuthing. The movie, due out in August 2011, is a live-action/CGI animation hybrid. The Smurfs themselves will be animated, and starring alongside Neil Patrick Harris and Glee‘s Jayma Mays (pictured on location this week), who play husband and pregnant wife. 

Also in the movie? Hank Azaria as Gargamel, George Lopez voicing Grump Smurf, Kate Perry voicing Smurfette, Fred Amisden as Brainy Smurf, and celeb-chef Wolfgang Puck lending his voicebox as Chef Smurf. There you have it: all of the smurfy, smurfarific info I could smurf for you today.



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