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Smurfette Pictures, Plus Smurf Unsolved Mysteries: Why Was She The Only Girl?

By ToniFitz76 |

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Smurfette: She was Smurfy good

So how many of you picked Smurfette pictures as your avatar for National Facebook Yourself Into A Cartoon Character Day (patent pending)? I always thought Smurfette was the coolest of the Smurfs as a kid, although there wasn’t a lot of competition – it sure wasn’t Brainy, Brawny or that know-it-all Papa. As you search for Smurfs characters for your Facebook page, let’s ponder some of the questions of our youth, shall we? For starters, why was Smurfette the only girl Smurf?

And why was everything “Smurfy this” and “Smurfy that?” Did they have some sort of linguistic ADD?

Why didn’t Gargamel just destroy the Smurfs and be done with it, gold potion be darned? He was like 15 times their size.

Why didn’t the other Smurfs ever rebel against Papa Smurf? It was annoying how he was always right.

How did Baby Smurf get born – Smurfette did not look like she had birthing hips?

And why weren’t the Smurfs annoying? They should have been. But instead they were just cool.

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7 thoughts on “Smurfette Pictures, Plus Smurf Unsolved Mysteries: Why Was She The Only Girl?

  1. Tammy says:

    LOL – I like your “tribute” to Smurfette.. I was so young , but I can’t remember .. was it ever said baby smurf was her baby? Because I really thought it was brought by a stork… coulda sworn… Beacuse i really dont believe that just because she was the only girl that made her a *****.. I have no clue why they werent annoying, to this day its the only cartoon that i watched as a kid that i can actually sit and watch now too w/o thinkin “how dumb” lol

  2. Sharo Flasher says:

    Help stop child abuse

  3. jennifer j schmidt says:


  4. megan keeney says:

    why should we try and analize this? the show was full of joy! no smurf hated another smurf even as annoying as papa was the smurfs accepted everything for what it was. smurfette was the only girl so what… she didnt date any of the smurfs…every1 just assume she was the town slut (once we all grew up that is) the thing is we loved the smurfs as children and once you get older some people forget about innocence we all had. so lets remember that children are amazing and lets let them all have great memories!! help stop child abuse!!!!

  5. MIa Hawkes says:

    I frickin love the smurfs! and smurfette is not the only girl in the little smurf village whatever u wanna all it. And smurfs are not annoying. SMURFS DO NOT HAVE ADD THEY R AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 macarioni smurf

  6. Vicki says:

    Smurfette was actually made by Gargamel in attempt to capture more smirks to eat or to make gold with. Actually come to think of it Azriel the cat wanted to eat them and the Ogre wanted to eat them. But like I said Gargamel made her to try to capture other smurfs to make gold with.
    She then learned to love the other smurfs and become one of the family. Eventually towards the end of the seasons they decided to bring in new characters and brought in Sassy Smurf. She was like a child. Hope this helps answer your question. I love the smurfs! I used to couldn’t have a Saturday go buy with out watching my Smurfs!

  7. Nabs says:

    Ur blog stinks! I love smurfette think she’s cute. The only reason u r writing dat is bcuz u r jealous. I totally agree with Mla Hawkes and Megan keeney. Help stop child abuse

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