Smurfs Cartoon, Gummi Bears: Cartoon Pictures For Facebook Profile

smurfs cartoon
Smurfs Characters Pop Up On Facebook

The latest trends for the whole cartoon pictures for Facebook profiles meme seems to be the Smurfs cartoon, and the Gummi Bears! The Smurfs cartoon and Gummi Bears are popping up everywhere on Facebook profiles this morning.

Many Facebook users are changing their Facebook profile pictures to cartoon characters from the 80’s as a way to stand up to child abuse and violence. Some popular cartoon pics that people are using in addition to the Smurfs cartoon and Gummi Bears cartoon are Smurfette, The Snorks, and the Care Bears.

Here are some additional cartoon pictures, including the Smurf characters, that you can use for your Facebook profile:

gummi bears cartoon
Gummi Bears Cartoon
smurfs cartoon
More Smurfs
Remember the Snorks?