Funny Mom Video! Salma Hayek Freaks Out Over Snake! (Video)


Salma Hayek climbed on a chair and screamed her head off when she spotted a snake during an Extra interview with her Grown Up co-stars. “Somebody do something!” she shrieks like it’s the devil incarnate. “Nooo!”

It kind of looks like she might even jump off the balcony and swim some twenty miles (guesstimate) to safety. Finally someone from production has to carry her off set.

Maria Bello thinks it was a python which is frightening. Totally. I’m really scared of snakes so I would have had the same reaction. Really, I  empathize, I do, and yet for some reason…it’s so funny to watch Salma lose it. I dare you to not laugh. Had her daughter Valentina Paloma Pinault been present, I’m sure it would have freaked her out to see mommy so freaked out. However, if she waits a few years and watches the video online, I think she’ll have the same reaction as me and just giggle. Click through to watch. Then tell us, moms–what are you most scared of?

It’s almost too perfect. Maya Rudolph doesn’t flinch, which is strange if a python is nearby. Do you think maybe this video is fake and was made with the intent to go viral? Does it matter?


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