Sneak Peek: Tori and Dean Getting Married! Again!


OK, so the whole getting remarried thing appears to be the latest celebrity craze, and why not? Everybody loves a wedding. And while sure, it’s a little bit cheesy, it is also a cool way to show your kids that being in a committed relationship isn’t just a choice you make once and are then stuck with forever, but a choice you continue to make, every day, and one that takes hard work and dedication and a lot of love.

Also, presents!!!

Anyway, tonight on the season finale of Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood,  you can watch Tori and Dean join Heidi Klum and Seal, Ramona Singer and Mario, and all the other folks out there who have taken a trip down the aisle. Again. Bonus: cute little Liam in an adorable toddler suit. You can’t beat it!

See a clip on the next page and tune in tonight to watch for yourself!

Source/Photo: Roger Wong/