Sneak Peek at Heidi Klum's Maternity Lines! (VIDEO)


Heidi KlumThe ridiculously busy and beautiful Heidi Klum paid a visit to Good Morning America this week. She was there to give a sneak peek of her not one, but two maternity lines that debut later this week, her Lavish line for Pea in the Pod and her more affordable collection for Motherhood Maternity. Going through four pregnancies gave her some very good insight into what women want and perhaps even need…

Both of the lines include what she calls “great key pieces.” And also some big splurges like the pair of $550 pants for Lavish! What are they? A pair of very tight black leather pants that have a stretchy waist. They were paired that with a leopard print tunic. Yes, leather and leopard…pretty rock n’ rock for a maternity line. Lavish also features a maternity unitard!

For the Motherhood Maternity Loved line she even designed one of the fabrics herself. She drew thousands of little flowers for the print used for a shirt and tunic in the line. But those are much more affordable and go for $34.99 and $39.99.

She says all the pieces are comfortable, fun and fashionable.  Instead of having to “wear a tent and stay at home.”

You can check out the video of her interview and the clothes here.

Photo: INF Photo

Source: ABC News

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