Sneak Peek: Monday's Jon & Kate Plus 8 "Big Announcement"



What is Jon and Kate Gosselin’s big announcement?  That is the question of the week, right?  It’s rumored the couple will finally decide to go their separate ways, and file for divorce.

Video link after the jump!

In the sneak peek clip, Kate seems sad, and says she and Jon have been “dealing with” things for a long time.  She says they can’t go back, can only go forward.  She hopes they’ll be stronger and wiser.

Jon, sitting alone, says he’s a “changed” person and he’s finally the person he’s supposed to be.

Kate mentions their children, says everything she does is for them and that they are the most important people to her.

Are these two headed for the big “D” or is TLC hoping for a big ratings grab by making it seem as such, knowing people will tune in to see what the Gosselin’s big announcement is?

Or, is this family about to be split down the middle?

Watch the Jon & Kate Plus 8 Monday sneak peek.


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