Sneak Peek: Real Housewives of New Jersey- Danielle Dissin'! (VIDEO)


Seriously, you can’t take that Danielle anywhere. Whenever, wherever there is always drama, drama and yes, more drama.

In Monday’s episode we get to see Danielle get to what she does best, dissin’ the other housewives. The ladies came out out to support Kim D. and her store Posche by attended a luncheon fashion show. The gals were sat at opposing tables. Jacqueline and Teresa with Kim D.  on one side of the room with Danielle with Kim G. on the other…

The show featured some very Jerseyish ensembles like acid wash jeans and spandex leggings with models busting out the Snookie bump. But Danielle opted to not be caught “looking and participating.” She had to make her “ultimate diss,” so she opted to pretend to talk on the phone.  “Paris Hilton taught me that,” Danielle said. “Just pretend you’re on the phone and it really pisses people off.”

Check out the clip from USWeekly here.