Sneak Peek Real Housewives Of New Jersey! (VIDEO)


After last week’s explosive episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey hit record ratings, plenty of people will be tuning in to watch the fallout from the murder of Danielle Staub’s extension by Ashley Holmes. From the looks of it, things will be predictably drama-filled. SPOILER ALERT: No cops are called.

Instead, we see Danielle taking a ridiculous step to try and learn to protect herself  by taking a boxing lesson with the help of Danny. And she brings her kids! I wish she had taken up karate because Danielle is clearly a born ninja.  Besides, just look at how popular Jackie Chan movies are. People like watching this kind of thing. Clear ratings winner. And whatever happened to the old Italian way of just sticking a horse head in someone’s bed? But, Danielle will do what Danielle will do. Expect to see her fighting Kim Kardashian in a celebrity match sometime in the near future.

In the second clip, we get some foreshadowing of Teresa Giudice’s finaicial problems. Hubby Joe starts a pizza business and shows his wife one of the apartments above the joint. It’s a far cry from her marble mansion. He acts like he is joking, but knowing what we know-they are bankrupt-he could be serious. Teresa, in response to a rumor started by Danielle Staub that her gilded castle is in foreclosure, says that it isn’t and she owns several properties. “The economy is bad,” she admits.