Sneak Peek Real Housewives Of New York Reunion: Alex McCord Vs Jill Zarin (Video)


From the looks of the clips being released of the Real Housewives of New York Reunion, the show is going to be one big cat fight, or basically just like the rest of the season condensed into less time. Earlier, we took a look at Bethenny Frankel Vs. Kelly Bensimon, in which Bethenny basically rips Kelly’s crazy lollipop heart out like something in a video game. KO.

In this next battle we see Jill “Juz Becuz You Say It, Doezn’t Make It True,” Zarin vs Alex “I’m Sticking Up For Myself This Season” McCord.  The issue at hand: Alex accuses Jill of being  jealous and trying to plant smear stories in the press. Jill accuses Alex of being jealous and trying to plant smear stories in the press. Drama.

Click through to watch and leave the name of the Housewife you think won the argument in the comments.