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Sneak Peek Real Housewives Of New York Reunion: Alex McCord Vs Jill Zarin (Video)

By Mara Siegler |

From the looks of the clips being released of the Real Housewives of New York Reunion, the show is going to be one big cat fight, or basically just like the rest of the season condensed into less time. Earlier, we took a look at Bethenny Frankel Vs. Kelly Bensimon, in which Bethenny basically rips Kelly’s crazy lollipop heart out like something in a video game. KO.

In this next battle we see Jill “Juz Becuz You Say It, Doezn’t Make It True,” Zarin vs Alex “I’m Sticking Up For Myself This Season” McCord.  The issue at hand: Alex accuses Jill of being  jealous and trying to plant smear stories in the press. Jill accuses Alex of being jealous and trying to plant smear stories in the press. Drama.

Click through to watch and leave the name of the Housewife you think won the argument in the comments.


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0 thoughts on “Sneak Peek Real Housewives Of New York Reunion: Alex McCord Vs Jill Zarin (Video)

  1. susu says:

    Alex McCord for the prosecution.

  2. Bob Loblaw says:

    For the love of God Jill….shut the hell up!

  3. Bob Loblaw says:

    Alex is right…Jill is just plain nasty. Alex has so much grace and Jill just can’t stand it….she’s stuck with Countless Lulu and Krazy Kelly! LOL!!!!

  4. Venice says:

    Alex wins. When Jill called her ugly, pretended to feel bad about it “It came out wrong” and in the same breath said “I never call you to apologize, we’re not friends” means she meant to say Alex was ugly. Further proving the point that no matter which housewife she is dealing with she will and always be Jill “verbal diarreah” Zarin.

  5. Marie says:


  6. Angie says:

    Alex won with calmness and grace. Jill still doesn’t get it!

  7. Kareej says:

    Seriously Jill – You tell people to listen all the time – you need to do some active listening yourself. How many times are you going to rip someone to pieces and then say, “I’m not perfect, maybe that came out wrong.” Really? I was your biggest fan and now I find you hard to believe. On a different note – because Luann has the title “Countess” doesn’t make her a better friend or better judge of character. It seems as though you traded Bethany’s friendship in for the Countess’s . . . not saying you did that – that’s how it came across to me. So sad. Good luck with that.

  8. CB says:

    if she can get a word in… Alex.

  9. Ani says:

    Alex wins! Jill has proven this season that her big motivation is to be the center of attention. if anyone gets a scoop before her (Ramona on Bethanny’s dad) then suddenly they aren’t her friend any more. But she isn’t stupid, so why the heck has she taken up with that nutbag Bensimon?

  10. lucy says:

    it is so obvious that Jill is the ugle green monster and can’t stand being on the other couch with the fun people. She’s stuck with the judgmental crazies so in other words she is where she belongs!

  11. Ugly Helen says:

    Jill is so obnoxious and insincere, she only opens her mouth to let the flys out once in a while. Go Alex, Alex the Graceful!

  12. dvintexas says:

    I can’t stand Alex. She is a bobble head with nothing but wind between her ears. Bethenny is finally going to be gone and Alex needs to be the next to go.

  13. Marie says:

    Jill, Jill, Jill….how do you sleep at night. Poor Bobby…I can only imagine what he’s going through…imagine living with that woman!

  14. Melissa2009 says:

    Okay, Jill puts her foot in her mouth…as they ALL have. Alex is no better, no worse. They’re selling drama. This “fight” between Jill and Bethenny just so happens to come to an understanding at the finale? Don’t think so. It’s rigged. Bethenny “we wouldn’t be sitting here it the tide hadn’t gone againt Jill”, now how would Bethenny know public opinion months prior? Staged.

  15. Carol says:

    I think Jill showed her true, selfish, self-absorbed core when she got so upset that Ramona hadn’t told her sooner about Bethany’s father. Jill was in tears and never once did I hear concern about how Bethany was doing. It was all about Jill and how horrible Ramona was for not informing her immediately! Jill, once again, you have been so wronged! And do you remember you told Bethany you were done with her and “Have a nice life”? Jill is the mean girl.

  16. m IN AUSTIN says:

    I don’t know what y’all viewed, but Alex is a bit self righteous, and the others were as crappy or worse to her than Jill in previous seasons, so I think Alex is a little jealous of Jill, or sees someone beaten up pretty good and is throwing some kicks in.
    Alex is a coward, and a con.

  17. marina says:

    Jill should realize she’s leaving an embarrassing legacy for her daughter. Lot’s of fun it’s going to be going off to college in the fall being “Jill Zarin’s daughter.” Yuk. Thanks a lot mom! Why doesn’t
    someone close to her tell her to shape up?

  18. Anniemouse says:

    The whole drama has been excellent. I consider RHoNY my absolute (guilty) pleasure. Jill probably got paid extra to stir everything up and keep it on the QT with the others (U Go Gurl). She did an outstanding job and if they didn’t pay her they shoulda because look at those ratings.

    Jill has unleashed her DIVA SELF; “put out” Bethenny, Alex, & Romona (sometimes 2X)… has sidled up with CountLESS who sucks Jill’s ass constantly (what about that Karaoke?) and hangs with Coo Coo Kelly. Witness a Jill train wreck … HaHaHaHa.

    I am laughing and smiling. Keep it up everyone. and THANK YOU Bravo!

  19. huggybear says:

    Melissa2009 if you’re referring to the reunion being stages “months ago” you’re incorrect. It was just recently shot – not months ago.

    I am SO disappointed in Jill. She has always been my favorite housewife. Man not anymore. Her reputation has been ruined forever. It’s been proven that she wrote bad/false reviews on Alex/Simon’s book & favorable for her own on Amazon and the idiot left Bobby & her daughter’s wish list under the aliases name (from years ago before someone says it was staged). She’s recruiting other reality stars to jump on the “I hate Bethenny” bandwagon and the public just isn’t buying or liking it. Yes Bethenny has a sharp tongue but she tells it like it is. When she’s wrong she says so. Jill’s true personality has come out and NO ONE likes it. (except of course crazy Kelly & Lumann aka I cannot sing but think I’m fabulous). Good grief.

  20. bloganalysis says:

    Alex, Jill is too much of a narcissist.

  21. RJD401 says:

    I agree! Alex won! Jill is so snobby and self-absorbed! I hope she and LuAnn rewatch this season and see how they really were.

  22. Rosemary Harwood says:

    Alex is a real witch, and no one seems to get it. She is evil and very manipulative, keeps harping on the same subject for “air time”.

  23. kat says:

    Alex, I absolutely love you this season. Get in where you fit in and you have found your place.

  24. schalles says:

    I LOVE BETHANY, RAMONA, AND ALEX!!!!!!!! no matter what b.s. comes out of jills, (CRAZY)kellys, or lu annes mouth i love B, R, and A!!!!

  25. LLhousewife says:

    Horseface Alex and her nauseating laugh must go. C’mon producers, she doesn’t add anything to the show….put her on Bethenny’s show. I’m not going to watch that show but I do love Jill, LuAnn, Kelly, and yes..even Ramona.

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