SNL: Tina Fey Cracks Us Up With Her View on Pregnancy (Video)

tina fey saturday night live
Tina Fey hosted the Mother's Day edition of SNL

Tina Fey showed off her baby bump on last night’s Mother’s Day edition of SNL. She turned to the side so that we could really see how big she is getting, though she joked that it was because she’s been drinking a lot of beer.

She brought out Saturday Night Live cast member Maya Ruduloph and the pair sang a duet about their pregnancies.  The song started out sweet, as they sang to their babies.  But, in true Tina Fey-style, it quickly turned to comedy.  Their pregnancies are proof that they have been “doin’ it.”

Tina Fey apologized to her baby for those first three weeks with she didn’t know about the baby and drank wine, ate sushi, and went on roller coasters.

The pair finished their song by performing duets with their babies using a sonogram machine: a first for Saturday Night Live, that’s for sure! Watch the SNL opening with Tina Fey:
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Photo: PRPhotos