SNL TSA Skit: SNL Gives TSA The Touchy Feely Treatment! (Video)


snl tsa skitSaturday Night Live gave the TSA the touchy feely treatment when it ripped into the administration’s new pat down policy on Saturday night.

The SNL TSA Skit combined those late night tv ads featuring some gorgeous ladies begging you to keep them from being lonely with the new TSA policy of patting down passengers who refuse to participate in a full body scan.  What starts out with a beautiful gaggle of goregous ladies soon turns to the regular guys of the TSA ready to help you feel less lonely this holiday season.

Watch the SNL TSA Skit below.

In the skit,  the friendly TSA Agents played by Keenan Thompson, Bill Hader and Bobby Moynihan urge passengers to take a pass on the full-body scanners when they travel this holiday season because “that’s when the fun begins.”   The best part of the skit is the tagline, “It’s our business to touch yours.”  While the skit is hilarious, it is definitely meant for a late night tv audience and not for kids!

What did you think of the SNL TSA Skit?