Snooki Criticizes Madonnas Controversial Instagram Photo


113375PCN_Snooki09Snooki might be a celebrity that is full of different and interesting opinions, but this is one that I definitely agree with her on. The pint-sized reality television star took to her blog to discuss Madonna‘s controversial Instagram pic, where the singer proudly displays a very hairy armpit for the world to see.

And no, I’m not kidding with you at all.

Snooki says that while she absolutely loves Madonna as a performer, she’s not on board with her recent antics and calls the hairy armpit pic “dirty.” She wrote on her blog:

I support anything when it comes to Madonna but GURL that armpit hair makes me feel dirty. I know she sees it as a form of art and expression, but it’s just not sexy. I freak out if I go to the gym and start lifting and have stubble in my armpits. I couldn’t imagine a beard in there, so for that, I’m sorry Madonna I love you but here’s a razor, get to work girl.

And while I heavily believe in the saying “to each their own,” I have to agree with Snooki on this one. Madonna is just trying to be provocative like always, but this time it’s just not working out in her favor.

Tell us Babble readers, what do you think? Do you agree with Snooki or do you think Madonna’s Instagram pic was just another way of her expressing her freedom of ahem art?

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