Snooki Explains Her Son Lorenzos "Hot Mess"


Screen Shot 2014-04-27 at 10.11.18 AMIt looks like Snooki deals with the same trials and tribulations of motherhood just like the rest of us mamas out there!

In a new blog post, the celebrity mom writes about her son Lorenzo’s “hot mess” in a moment that I’m sure she’s never going to forget. Snooki writes:

Lorenzo decided to take his diaper off through his onesie pajamas and walked around peeing himself for a good couple minutes while I was washing dishes. Once I noticed what happened, he was already drenched and walking around like there was a stick between his legs. LOVE MY BABY.

OMG, what mother hasn’t dealt with their kid walking around Pamper-less? I sure know I’ve had plenty of those “accidents” with both of my children when they were Lorenzo’s age. Sure, it can be frustrating and aggravating when in the moment, but almost all mothers have learned to laugh about it once the moment passes.

Tell us Babble readers, when was the last time your children found themselves in a “hot mess” of a situation?

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