Snooki From Baby Snuggles To Makeup – This Is Nicole Polizzi’s Life! (Photos)


Snooki with Baby LorenzoSnooki, AKA Nicole Polizzi is a wonder to me. I’ve never watched the Jersey Shore. I can’t believe there is a show that was so popular, that I did not watch. I was, however, a pretty hard core Real World fan.  Maybe I just couldn’t switch gears.

Snooki, though, has taken a show that really made fun of her in many ways to become a business women with a baby and a fiance! She is making it in a world that laughs with her now and not as much at her anymore.

I give her credit for teaching her son that she can do anything she sets her mind to.

Check out the photos below of Snooki, her friends and her family!

  • Bed Time! 1 of 18
    Bed Time!
    Snooki needs to look perfect in bed! @snookinic PJ time ❤love my slippers.
    Photo Source: Instagram
  • Sushi! 2 of 18
    It is important to know what you like and enjoy! @snookinic Mommy date night!
    Photo Source: Instagram
  • Shopping! 3 of 18
    What week is not filled with sisters and shopping! @snookinic Goin for a quick shopping for my sister in law ❤
    Photo Source: Instagram
  • ZUMBA! 4 of 18
    Dancing is a good way to work off the steam! @snookinic My amazing Zumba and Buns&Guns teacher! I will look like her one day ❤
    Photo Source: Instagram
  • Lip Power! 5 of 18
    Lip Power!
    Snooki worked hard to create the perfect pink lipstick! @snookinic Happy Valentines Day my ❤'s from @kaoir & I! Save 15% today on my already discounted lipstick #Snookilicious. Use coupon code #SnookiVDay at KAOIR.COM ... #ShipsWorldwide #pinklipstick #kaoir
    Photo Source: Instagram
  • Exercise! 6 of 18
    Exercising and Toy story make it enjoyable! @snookinic Loving this! Doing my cardio at home watching Toy Story
    Photo Source: Instagram
  • Her Baby Valentine! 7 of 18
    Her Baby Valentine!
    Snooki needs cuddles with that precious baby! @snookinic With my beautiful Valentine ❤❤❤❤.
    Photo Source: Instagram
  • Living The Life! 8 of 18
    Living The Life!
    Snooki knows the power of PR! @snookinic I have the BEST publicist ever! Love you beyond words! @hiredgunpr
    Photo Source: Instagram
  • FUN! 9 of 18
    Seriously no one has more fun then Snooki! We are just so lucky to be apart of her world! @snookinic Bright red hair, don't care! ✌❤
    Photo Source: Instagram
  • Hair Time! 10 of 18
    Hair Time!
    Snooki has her team of creators! @snookinic Thanks boo for the red recharge! XOXO @bradleystylenyc
    Photo Source: Instagram
  • Sparkels! 11 of 18
    Watch out Dorothy! This ain't no wicked witch
    Photo Source: Instagram
  • Jewelry! 12 of 18
    Selling someone else's jewels! @snookinic Get your jewelry for Valentine's Day at ✌
    Photo Source: Instagram
  • Blue! 13 of 18
    Blue is the color for love! @snookinic Wearin my Valentine's jewelry ❤❤❤
    Photo Source: Instagram
  • Team Snooki! 14 of 18
    Team Snooki!
    Snooki needs to have her peeps all in one place! @snookinic Team Snooki boxing with our fighter @pajpunisher
    Photo Source: Instagram
  • Love Is In The Air! 15 of 18
    Love Is In The Air!
    Snooki enjoys her free time with her fiance! @snookinic With my sexy fiancé at Ring 8 dinner for Team Snooki boxing! ❤
    Photo Source: Instagram
  • WERK! 16 of 18
    Always working Snooki knows how to excite her fans! @snookinic What a fabulous Sunday! New shades coming soon to Snooki Sunglasses ❤ earrings from Snooki Couture ✌
    Photo Source: Instagram
  • Apple! 17 of 18
    Apple should pay Snooki for her advertisement! 109k people liked this! @snookinic Just one of my new styles coming out in my Snooki sunglasses line! Stay tuned ✌❤
    Photo Source: Instagram
  • Snow Time! 18 of 18
    Snow Time!
    She loves spending time with her BFF! @snookinic Round 2! Shoveling with my best friend ❤@jlavalle5
    Photo Source: Instagram

(Photo Source : Instagram)
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