Snooki Is Starting A New Trend With The Cupcake Skirt


Snooki is starting a new fashion trend here and it’s definitely one that all moms can follow! And no, we’re not talking about leopard print leggings and faux fur jackets. Instead, Snooki is stylin’ and profilin’ with the cupcake skirt.

The print-sized reality television star recently wore her fashionable cupcake skirt while doing the media rounds in Los Angeles, She matched it with a longsleeve shirt and adorable heels which you ask me, looks perfect for both day and evening wear occasions.

So now I guess not only is Snooki a successful celebrity and entrepreneur, but she’s also a style icon? Who knew! Let us know what you think of her cupcake skirt style. Is it a hit or a miss for you? You can find a similar style at ModCloth here.

Screen Shot 2014-02-22 at 10.57.17 AM

Photos via Instagram

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