Snooki Might Have A Future In The Celebrity Health And Fitness World (Photos)


Snooki has been showing off her guns and buns for months now on her Instagram account, and it looks like she’s not slowing down at the gym, either. The reality television star and celebrity mom, has basically become a gym nut (which is a good thing!), as she’s been sharing her journey with her body transformation with her fans on her social media accounts since becoming a mom.

I can’t help but wonder though, with all the gym pics and her new healthy lifestyle, does this mean that Snooki might have a future in the celebrity fitness world? I could definitely see her encouraging her fans to get off the couch and do some lunges along with her…LOL! In fact, she would be fantastic as a health and fitness coach and mentor.

Take a look below at her latest Instagram pics, and tell us, do you think Snooki would do well as a healthy lifestyle coach, too? It’s a strong possibility if you ask me!

Photos via Instagram

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