Snooki: My Son Already Has A Girlfriend! (Photos)


Screen Shot 2013-02-09 at 2.04.53 PMIf there is one person in the celebrity world who loves to share photos of her family on Instagram, that would be Snooki!

The Jersey Shore alumni recently posted a few new pics of her son Lorenzo and what looks like his new (and cute girlfriend). Talk about starting early, right? Pauly D better watch out because it looks like there’s a new hot guido in town!

The celebrity mama also shared some more adorable snapshots of the 5-month-old tot at home with his famous mommy. Check out all of the cuteness below!

  • Girlfriend 1 of 5
    It looks like this little Guido Junior is starting early in the ladies' department!
    Photo via Instagram
  • Watchig Mama Work Out! 2 of 5
    Watchig Mama Work Out!
    It looks like little Lorenzo is having a laugh watching his mama sweat it out on one of her cardio machines!
    Photo via Instagram
  • Morning Workout 3 of 5
    Morning Workout
    It looks like Lorenzo has finally discovered his toes and is now doing his morning workouts with his mom!
    Photo via Instagram
  • Mommy And Son 4 of 5
    Mommy And Son
    I so LOVE Snook's leggings here. She look so stylish!
    Photo via Instagram
  • Snow Patrol 5 of 5
    Snow Patrol
    A little snow blizzard doesn't seem to get in the way of Snooki's Jersey style here!
    Photo via Instagram

Photos via Instagram


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