Snooki of "Jersey Shore" Wants Babies and a Dating Show


People of New Jersey and fertile Italian men everywhere: consider yourself warned!

“Honestly,” Nicole Polizzi aka Snooki, 22, told reporters at MTV Movie Awards, “I want to save up money so that I can buy a house, find a guy, have a family and make Guido babies! That’s all I want.”

But, not just any guy will do. Snooki “is addicted” to a certain type and hopes to pitch a reality dating show with 27 guys who are just her type:

“I think that I am screwing myself over because I have this stereotype of what kind of guy I want…If I just go away from looks and just look at personality, then I will find the right guy, and I understand that. But I am still addicted to Guidos!”

She is hoping for her own show to feed her addiction: “Snookin’ for Love” she’d call it with a genius premise to go along with the catchy title:  “I want 27 Guido juiceheads in a house fighting for me!”

Oh, dear. Now that I might have to watch…

By the way, I myself am Italian and have to wonder — is “Guido” an acceptable term?  And, forgive my ignorance, but what’s a “juicehead?”